Today I felt energetic and accomplished from submitting my big deadline yesterday, and wanted to go exploring…

Caption on instagram: “Let today’s walking tour of San Francisco begin! (I need a job that pays me to traverse SF on foot, and post stuff on IG, haha)” Not a joke, actually; patronage welcome! 😉

After my appointment with Doctor G, I walked back to Van Ness, secured a coffee, and pointed myself towards the water instead of back towards downtown. When I reached the shore, I was reminded of how I used to come to that particular spot five times per week for an early job of mine—I was so unhappy then! It was more than a decade ago, and I’d almost forgotten this little corner of town.

I have to admit, something about comparing “then” (still just starting out, lots of other things in my life dragging me down) and “now” (working for myself, supporting myself, having a nice little life I’ve made for myself) works wonders towards the healing process. As does being by the water, and sitting with my favorite sounds and the seagulls for a while…

panorama of san francisco bay

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* * *

Aquatic Park Cove

Perfectly timed person is perfectly timed…


* * *

When I was out this way before, years ago, I was always stuffed away in the office… Not today! So many piers and trails and paths, places to walk and ride a bike, ways to get closer to the water… I will never cease to be stunned by being surrounded with amazing sights. Fort Mason, the Bay, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Embarcadero (from the Aquatic Park Pier):

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golden gate bridge and the san francisco bay


Debated walking all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge, but tried to be responsible and get home and back to work. Just a little wandering up into Fort Mason… Alcatraz and the Aquatic Park Pier:



Taking this with me back to my desk…

Where should I go tomorrow?

  • NEIGHBORHOODS: Civic Center, Russian Hill, Fisherman’s Wharf, Mission District

map of June 09, 2015 walk