So today was more social, and less miles-logging and sidewalk-gazing. I had an appointment with my tattoo guy earlier in the day, so I walked over to visit him first. Collage of signs and palm trees, Mission Street…signs and palm trees on Mission Street

* * *

Hand-painted signs…
signs in Italian food shop window

* * *

Grumpy Cat mural truck sighting!! grumpy cat mural on delivery truck

* * *

I wondered why I had such a spring in my step on the way home from the tattoo shop—it was just a touch up, but I had forgotten about the tattoo endorphins! Wheee! I highly recommend them, haha. Bzzt bzzt… AJ at Quetzalcoatl Tattoo on 23rd Street has been working on the new line art growing up my arm…

Quetzalcoatl Tattoo

* * *

I walked a few miles from the Mission, through Duboce Park, to Upper Haight. I met up with a friend (who’s been out of town for a couple months) at Club Deluxe, where another friend was bartending and had asked me to take some portraits of her.

apartment numbers

* * *

Walkin’ snack. I notice I don’t really sit down and eat anymore. I don’t know if it’s that less sitting is easier for my back and I have that in my mind, if I just graze on what my body asks for more often than sit down to a meal, both? At any rate, I don’t need cookies, just keep the yellow bell peppers coming…

yellow bell pepper

* * *

A relatively short walk, but the streets above Market in the Duboce Triangle are tree lined and pretty scenery to walk through, and the hike up Haight Street from Lower to Upper feels great on the calves.

Duboce Triangle street scene

* * *

Hey, you know what’s awesome? Having quit smoking and so writing sentences like that! Before-injury, I would have been short of breath halfway to Buena Vista Park; now I practically skip up a steep grade and call it fun. If I had known taking care of myself would feel so great, I’d have cut the crap a long time ago…!

Haight Street shops and signage…

Booksmith sign on Haight Street


guitars in music shop

* * *

Aside from happy realizations about how fun running up hills has become, part of today included another San Francisco original that I haven’t managed to see in all this time—it may have been spotted from the back of a scooter….

scooter helmet

from the back of the scooter, through Golden Gate Park

* * *

But I finally saw them! Ha.

I had started to think they were a myth, but the herd of bison in Golden Gate Park DO exist. I laughed and yelled excitedly to my driver when we unexpectedly swung around a turn and there they were… Noted for visiting on foot on a future walk!


* * *

The rest of my day was spent mostly stationary, but sometimes it’s good to have a rest (and be the of someone else’s portrait).

paints and paintbrushes

Where should I go tomorrow?

  • MILES WALKED: 5.4 miles
  • NEIGHBORHOODS: Mission District, Duboce Triangle, Upper Haight

map of July 7, 2015 route