I have taken a long hiatus! I started this blog as a chronicle of my daily walks and my love affair with San Francisco. The daily walks were physical therapy for a lower back injury ā€“ I have long since healed up, and don’t make quite as much time for walks of many miles as I used to, but I’m still in love with the city I call home. Also, I still love to take photos, and observe the small things one can only really notice on foot.

Part of what’s been occupying my time is launching an online gallery and shop to host the personal passion-project photography work I do. Seven Miles is all about iPhone photos, but my new website features images in the macro, abstract style I have always adored working in, shot professionally with the Big Camera. I’d be honored if you would have a look:


Seven Miles has stayed on my mind, and I would like to keep sharing my detail-oriented, on-foot views of San Francisco with you! Daily blog posts are a tall order with my current workload, but I hope to be able to publish the occasional post.

I hope you will come along, and that you will enjoy a good armchair walkabout with me. As before, I’ll include maps of my path with markers to show you where the photos were taken, if you would like to seek anything out for yourself.

Nice to see you again!

Meanwhile, here are some of the photos from my new endeavor. Museum quality, archival prints of all sizes are available (as well as calendars and post cards), if your interior walls could use some inspiration from the outside!


  • MILES WALKED: Since 2015? MANY!
  • NEIGHBORHOODS: Images in this post were taken at locations in Golden Gate Park.
  • DESIGNATED LANDMARKS: San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers (no. 50), Music Concourse (no. 249)