An injury to my lower back proved to be a blessing in disguise when it got me to step away from my desk, go for walks each day to keep all my parts loosened up and in working order, and… finally make some serious progress on my list. You know, that list we all make of things we’d like to check out one of these days, when we find the time, and places we’d like to explore, someday… Especially if you’ve spent the past ten years calling a city like San Francisco home, it’s easy to wind up with an impressively lengthy catalog of somedays… Turns out, “someday” is today—want to come with me?

I like to go for walks, and I’m a photographer… I also happen to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which is only seven square miles in area, and composed of many, many hills and valleys—makes for a great back drop, if you have to go for a walk every day. There are small, interesting details on every block, and I’ve turned so many corners only to be stopped (literally) in my tracks by some amazing vista I didn’t expect. I wanted to share…


  • This site is all iPhone photos, all the time; I don’t think my back would tolerate lugging around my professional Nikon for the seven miles I average each day, and it’s a pleasure to concentrate on being in my environment and just capturing quick shots.
  • I’m a also graphic designer by trade and am interested in art and design and history and ephemera, so expect a lot of: architectural details, lettering and signage, stopping to smell the plants and flowers, angles and curves, murals and graffiti, patina, museums, grit, and most things that show the mark of someone having been there.
  • I try to keep good records, so feel free to ask questions. I probably have the answer written down somewhere…
  • I consider this a documentary project; however, as an artist myself I am respectful of and well-versed in copyright and privacy laws. I try to always supply credits, links, etc., but if you feel like I’m playing fast-and-loose with something that’s yours, please write to me and let me know! I’m more than happy to resolve any issues.

And last but not least, while I am kind of making this up as I go along (both the blogging and the walking), if you’re stuck at a desk, or just curious about something and don’t live here, I take requests and I love destination and/or route suggestions. Please drop me a line at:

Thanks for coming with me! Where should I go tomorrow?


View from the top of Bernal Heights

San Francisco, you’re a total babe. (view from the top of Bernal Heights, including the Mission District, Potrero Hill, the Financial District, Downtown, SOMA and the bay)